Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yoga Retreat in Mayan Riviera!

Join Louise Sattler and Mark Laham for a Spiritual Yoga Retreat in the Mayan Riviera and explore your True Potential

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Friday, August 21, 2009

NEW FALL CLASS SCHEDULE - Starting September 1st

MONDAY - 5:45pm Hatha Flow & 7:30pm Beginner Yoga class at Rama Lotus

TUESDAY - 7:30pm Hot Yoga at Elgin Santosha

WEDNESDAY - 7:45pm Yin Yoga at Rama Lotus

FRIDAY - 5:30pm Hot Yoga at Rama Lotus

SATURDAY - 11am Yin Yoga at Rama Lotus

SUNDAY - 6:30pm Yin Yoga at Rama Lotus

These complimentary styles of yoga will reshape your body and life... commit to it this fall and feel better then ever!

"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place" - Lao-tzu

Some photos from our last Yoga for Riders Event! Next one coming in October...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

LATEST WORKSHOP FOR RIDERS- Registration now open

As horseback riders we expect our horses to carry us
with grace, softness and power, behaving in a willing and
disciplined way... yet how much time do we spend training
our body and mind to do the same?
Join Louise as she shares with you 30 years of combined
experience both in the saddle and on the yoga mat,
teaching you empowering and transformational techniques
which will take you to the next level... whether it’s riding
confi dently out on the trail, performing the perfect circle or
jumping through the Devil’s Dyke at Spruce Meadows.

In the workshop you will:
• Learn simple and eff ective yoga exercises to develop
flexibility and strength where riders need it most.
• Discover the importance of breath and relaxation and
how a few simple breathing and relaxation techniques
can change your life.
• Explore how to connect with your self and your horse
on a more intuitive level.
• Develop your mind to focus so that you can reach your
full potential in the saddle, letting go of your limiting
• Have fun with an open and caring group of horse lovers
and rekindle your love of riding!

This one day workshop will begin at 10am with a yoga
mat practice that will be accessible and fun for all. After a
lunch break, group riding sessions will take place. Stalls are
available for those who want to truck in their own horses
and Davalon horses are available for those who don’t.



Full Day Workshop $100
Please contact Dannielle Ayotte of
Davalon Stables in Richmond, ON
to register at 613-794-1276 or
Registration will close on August12th.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We want our horses to be light on their feet...

We want our horses to be balanced and strong...

We want our horses to be creative and expressive in nature...

We want our horses to trust us with their heart...

and we forget that horses have all of these qualities already inherent within them and they are here to heal and teach us about Light, Power, Strength, Creativity and Expressiveness, Trust and Love.